The Reserve List and The Tasting Den
are designed to enhance your
sense of discovery.​

Newly discovered wines and spirits will be available to try and buy in The Tasting Den.
We will also be holding the occasional tasting in The Reserve List as well.

Connoisseurs Club-only and other events in The Tasting Den will also offer continuing ways to discover new favorites!

Join the Experience!

If you enjoy discovering new varietals, learning how to be a savvy buyer or simply enjoying conversations with and making new “wine friends”, we have several opportunities to join the fun.

The Connoisseurs Club

The Connoisseurs Club offers members free tastings (a $20 value) and includes a complimentary guest each time you visit. Private events for members are scheduled throughout the year. And members enjoy enhanced discounts in The Reserve List.

Taste, Talk and Learn!

Come join with fellow enthusiasts and taste, talk and learn in a relaxed and fun setting.
Learn more or sign up for one of our clubs today.


The Connoisseurs

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The Reserve
List Wine Club

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The Reserve List
Craft Beer Club

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The Reserve List
Whiskey Club

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The Reserve List
Tequila Club

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