The Reserve List is a
fun shopping experience.​

In addition to a wide array of hand-selected wine, spirits and craft beer,
you may walk into spontaneous tastings or an informal conversation on
the latest event that everyone is talking about.

The Reserve List features hand-selected wines that represent distinct values, whether a wonderfully inexpensive delicious Chardonnay or a $200+ rare cult Cabernet.

In addition to warehouse-style everyday pricing, there are always club and manager specials in-shop to make a visit worthwhile anytime. If you can’t find it, we’ll get it for you!

Instore Specials

60 Minute Local Delivery
Or Store Pickup

We also offer online ordering for delivery in our local area (within a 10-mile radius of our Sandy Springs shop) within 60 minutes! We offer two options. Click here to see offerings, pricing and ordering details!

Let’s go Shopping!

The staff is out-of-this-world incredible. Not only are they outgoing and friendly, but every one of their recommendations has always been a home run. Whether it’s something for me, parents, friends, whatever the case, I go with their recommendations every time and the results are always flawless. They really know their industry. I’ve been going here for at least a few years now and genuinely do not anticipate changing that. Richard and company are fantastic. Something important to note: their prices DO beat nearby grocery stores, at least in my experience, so supporting local here doesn’t end up costing you more money.